Monday, May 24, 2010

Cooler jobs etc.

Last couple of days been finishing some odd jobs before seats go on.
Sanded and recoated fibreglass in cooler bin, Added a couple of stringers to cooler top and two layers of glass over foam to seal. Also glued in a fibreglass tube to drain cooler locker into footwell. Last night added a layer of 400gm DB (double bias) glass to floor under neath the forward seat hatch. A bit of abrasion resistance against the odd tin of bake beans, spare beer etc. Also added two layers of 200gm boat cloth to port seat top and raw epoxy coated seat bottom.

Cooler, epoxied, stringers and glass added to seal foam. Also fibreglass drain fitted in low part into footwell

Drain will have a bung in it

Glassed floor under fwd seat hatch

Glass drain. Rough and ready but unseen

Seat plywood joined by 4 layers of boat cloth, belt sanded and raw epoxied.

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