Friday, May 7, 2010

Centreboard continued - Kevlar/Glass leading edge

More foil work today. Leading edge strengthened and sealed. The Lower 3rd and bottom of centreboard have two layers of 400 -600gm (Can't remember what thickness) of Kevlar and two layers of 200gm glass all cut on the bias. Cutting 45 degrees to the weave helps around corners. The Kevlar needs sharp serrated scissors to cut. I am sure the board will last a few hits now. It also is supporting about 35kgs of lead.

Made some stands for board to allow work on both sides. The other table is for wetting out cloth.

1st Kevlar strip went along bottom and 1/3 up leading edge.

When cut across the bias (45 degrees to the weave) it is easier to get around corners with out having to cut and use overlapping joints.

Rolled up Kevlar and glass was easier to apply when cut across the bias

Rolling peel ply on.

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