Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bit more boat cloth and centreboard work

Glad Kelly is lending a hand. She is a great at fibreglassing. We added another layer of 200gm boat cloth thus making 400 gms on the floor. Hopefully will last the distance. Boat shed full of other boats. Finn, 2 Opti's and a P-Class.
Drilled out half the pivot hole in centreboard oversize. Then reinserted pivot tube (coated in mold release) back into hole. Epoxy and colodial silica added to make a bush. Tomorrow will bang out tube and do other side the same. Once done I'll then drill hole oversize by about 1mm. All this is so the centreboard can pivot on a 2-3mm epoxy/colodial silica bush. Hopefully this will help stop water getting into the centreboard, swelling and falling apart.

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