Friday, July 30, 2010

Boat flipped! Yay!!

A few mates, a feed of Pizza, a couple of beers, watch "Smashed em Bro!" on 'Crowd goes Wild' (Kiwi Sports Program) then flipped boat.Went pretty well. Probably took 20-30 minutes. resting on some tires at the moment.

Earlier in the day I planed and sanded deck flush with sides.

"Strops look good enough eh Silver Fox"!

Building jig out. A few dogs around to watch.

Levitating Pathfinder.

Over she goes.

No worries Matey's

Job done.
Thanks for your help dudes.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wahoo! Deck On!!!

Clark came around to help Kelly and I get the top deck on. The planks and top deck go on much better with three people. Holding, clamping, mixing etc. Patrick took most of the pics tonight. The bow planks, side planks were all rough cut today. Front doublers made. Everything rough sanded then pre-coated in raw epoxy. Then thickened epoxy added to frame tops and king plank top. Bow planks went on reasonably well. Some screws did 'thread' themselves. Simply drilled new hole beside and inserted bigger screws. Kelly and Clark did a great job. Especially cleaning up the excess epoxy.
Hopefully tomorrow we will trim deck. I hope to flip boat upside down tomorrow evening. Pizza and beers at my house.

Deck dry fitted

Pre-coating underneath of deck

Is this epoxy glue or something else? Let me taste to make sure! Mmmm!

Spreading epoxy glue around

Deck going on

I is 'Sailor Boy' and 'Big Daddy'

A lot of bend on front deck plank. 

Really we are hot and bothered...

But we'll smile for your stupid photo!!

Wipping up excess epoxy glue.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Slow Progress for a few weeks...

Hi. Sorry for the lack of updates. I caught a cold with the rest of family. Couldn't be bothered with sanding and associated dust.. But alas all better know so back into it.
Was filleting frames, stringers etc. Not many pictures but labour intensive. Slowly getting the knack for a good job.  Filleting is generally easy. I have been making thickened West System and micro balloons in a zip-loc bag and applying. Then using a rounded mixing stick to radius. It is just hard to make the corners look right. Often it looks like a botch job. They are hard to sand to get a nice looking finish. I can see why guys take a week or two to get right. I'm fast getting to the stage the as long as they look reasonable lets just finish them up and get some paint on.  I went to the Auckland Maritime Museum and looked at the New Peter Blake exhibit. There is a bunch of classic racing plywood dinghys. I sussed out their fillets. Some are good and some very average. Does it matter? I'm tending to think let's get the boat completed and in the water.
So at this stage I am doing a combination of sanding fillets and getting on with next step of deck construction. I want the boat upside down within a week or so to paint. When it is upright we will tidy up the odd fillet and paint interior.
Great work! An awesome wife who knows how to mix micro balloons

Agh! Fillets

Thinline MDF for a bow sheet template. Also stringer mocked up

Deck stringers mocked up. Will glue up tomorrow. Deck on the day after.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Putting together a Pathfinder is like doing a Puzzle!!!