Monday, August 31, 2009

More jobs

2nd row complete. Tingles in. Applying fairing compound to lead. Kelly will epoxy coat all of interior while I am at work tomorrow. She loves painting. Amazing what filler can fill ;-)


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cutting 'Gains' near bow section

This job was easy. The 'Gains' took about 10 minutes on plank and 10 minutes on the hull. They start from about 350mm from stem. Straight edge on plank and plane down as required. My bevel plane was bought on Trade-Me. Thanks to my apprentice for her help. I am lucky she is willing to mix and fillet epoxy and occasionally use the drills!

I am going to holt planking at the 2nd row for a short while. I have decided I am going to epoxy barrier coat my wood under the floorboards and leave unpainted. Will be quicker than painting. Easier to repair. Will also finish all fillets, forward floor and anchor floor. All these jobs will be easier with the top two rows of planks off.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Second Row of Planks almost on

More Progress!

After beveling the first row of planking and marking out and cutting the third row it is time to put on second row. So far so good. Have put on the the rear two planks on. Tomorrow I will cut the gains and glue and screw the front plank on.
Will probably stop there and complete the anchor well and possibly some of the front flooring. May even raw epoxy the floorboards and frames a little more prior to putting on third row.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Pics of Lower Plank Operation

I had to add an extra couple of small strips of Plywood along the bottom edge of the reverse curve. These allowed the clamps to have something to pull up on. Otherwise they slipped off. They are only held on by short screws and I will take of today.

PS I think I should ask Steinlager for sponsorship too!

Lower Side Plank

These are the hardest. Especially around the bow. I didn't find it to difficult. The key being to pull everything up evenly. Thanks to Simon and Max from Canterbury Sailing School for their help. Also Kelly my wife. It really is a two or three person job. Thickened epoxy in a bag works for getting onto frames and stringers. I used a combination of clamps, zip ties, and wedges. Check out the photos.

Took a day to get all planks on.


In God, the angle grinder and thickened epoxy we trust. What a hassle getting the chines bevelled to the right angle. Took ages. I thought I might be able to use planes but they hardly fit amongst building frame. So out game the grinder with a coarse sandpaper flapper wheel. Noisy and dusty but got the job done. Not sure if I should be called the 'Butcher of Bagdad' or 'Rangi the Carver'

My old Air Force buddy Jacko came around. I soon had him enlisted in helping me mark out the first plank. "No thousands of an inch tolerances here!" I had to tell him.

Any way here are some pics.

Agghhh! Two years?!?!

Can't believ my project is over two years old now! Time to get A into G. At least my family has been sailing in Oti's, P's, Europe and my Finn. So we have all learnt to sail. So back to it aye! Into the man cave to continue my build...

J class Pic

Oops. Forgot to upload pic

Radio Control Yachting

Have been busy sailing a RC yacht at Hagley Park in the middle of Christchurch. It is a J Class. There is a great fleet of almost 40 racing sometimes. Heaps of fun. It does keep me away from building...