Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Seats tops in

This morning I washed the amine blush off the underside of the seat tops using detergent and a scotch pad. Also attacked the inside planks of the boat with my new orbital sander. Does the job great. Glad I followed John's advice and got a 125mm sander rather than a 150mm sander. Gets into smaller areas between stringers well. Even Patrick had a go with it today. He enjoyed it.
After dinner we put the seat tops in. First we wet out the bare wood, end-grain etc. with raw epoxy. Then we mixed up ziplock bags of thickened epoxy and colloidal silica. Gladwrap bags work well for applying mix like a cake decorator. Then we put seat tops in. Kelly stood on them to hold down while I drilled and screwed them down. Boat looks tidier now. I can see the next few days will be spend filleting and sanding. Hopefully no more than a week. I do have to work this week a bit.
Introduce them young to power tools I say! 
Seats are scarfed together using glass to form one large seat top. The tops are 18mm Gaboon as it seemed stiff but light. I wanted something a little stronger as I am at the top range of a "Finn's Ideal Weight". The seat tops have two layers of 200gm boat cloth on for abrasion resistance. The same as the floorboards.

Thickened epoxy on top of frames. All interiors have 2-3 coats of raw epoxy. I figure if I ever need to epoxy something in the future or do a repair it will only need a quick sand with 60-80 grit and get into it.

Seats in. Yay

Peel ply left on seat tops for now. Lots of filleting and sanding to go

A bit of detail. Half round Vitex (New Guinean Teak) glued to Gaboon Ply to protect edges. I routered 20mm X 100mm plank and then trimmed of hald round and glued on) 


Anonymous said...

Looks good

robert.ditterich said...

Great to see the family involved. A happy blog, this one!

steve said...

Brian - cracking progress - it's looking so good and as an educator - i love the fact that your kids are so heavily involved - brilliant stuff - well done sir!

welsh guy in plymouth uk