Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Painted Cooler Box

Painted Cooler Box. Want it to look nice and fresh with white paint. It is also covering the fibreglass. Used Altex No3 Epoxy Primer and Altex Elite PolyUrethane 'Snow White'. It is the first time I have 'Rollered and Tipped' two pack polyurethane. Went on fairly easy and wet out well. I used small mohair rollers and a large 2-1/2" Brush. I will be more than happy to use this painting method to finish my boat. There are a few dust spots. To be expected as I didn't dedust garage.

The rest of the undersides I will leave raw epoxy. Hopefully in the future I reckon it will be easier to just paint on epoxy as required. Also maybe easier to repair too!

Tack Rag for dust (Pity garage has so much dust blowing around in it)

Rolling paint on. 

Water steaming of damp chair this morning. Bit chilly

More power tools. Hooked up hose to fit shopvac. Works well. Big jobs for it coming up.


Anonymous said...

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Cooler Box said...

This is nice techniques to Paint cooler box.