Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Session...

My apprentice and I learnt the finer ways of rounding edges using files and sandpaper. We rounded all the frame arms this way as I don't have a router. We also cut all the centreboard lammels and epoxied. Used about 50-60 strokes of epoxy. We used a nothed spreader to spread thickened epoxy and then sash clamped. Not a bad week.


Steve said...

saw a link to your blog on the jw builders site. Clicked on it and was surprised (and pleased )to see a photo of Spartina with my wife and youngest daughter on board. Nice site, looks like you are building a great boat. Your skill level is way ahead of mine. Good luck, look forward to seeing photos of you out sailing. Steve

Brian said...

Hi Steve

Thanks for checking my site. Hope you don't mind me using your photo. It is a beautiful shot. I have linked your site to my blog. I don't know how to make a photo credit.

I have a query re centreboard dimensions on the JW forum site. Could you help me? Could you also send me a photo of how the centreboard 'raising' mechanism works on your boat? email to polarkiwis 'at' xtra 'dot' co 'dot' nz

Steve said...

I had my cb cut to plans out of 1/2 inch thick steel, weighs in at 100 pounds. It works great. I'll see if I can find a photo of the winch.
It's ok by me that you are using the photo.