Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Finishing Frames

Finished epoxing and nailing on seat back (coaming) and seat supports onto frames. I decided to try some silicon bronze nails to see if it would speed up construction. Was a little faster. Still had to pre drill 20X20mm kahikatea to stop it splitting. Turned out to be a two person exercise and a bit messy. Any way got it all done tonight.
Will pre-coat frames with two coats of epoxy sometime soon as per West System guidelines.

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lovely_godiva said...

Wow, that's a mission! Impressed! Keep on working, and let us bloggers enjoy the results!!

PS. a fladder-mus is a bat!

Fladdermus in straight translation from swedish to english would be a flying mouse or rat. Mouse in swedish is slang for "pussy" and togheter with "fladder" (flap) it could be a not very tight pussy : -))

Sorry, please excuse my bad english + humour!