Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Altex No1 Epoxy Primer

Final sanding done today of of bare epoxy. Time to paint. Have decided to use Altex two pack 'Elite 321 brushing polyurethane' paint system. I have had great results using the spray versions. This time I have very close neighbors and don't need to overspray their house. I am also interested in seeing how the roller and tipping works with the top coats.
We degreased with thinners and then used a tack rag. (After about 5 good vacuums of the garage)
Today we put on one coat of No 1 Epoxy primer. It took a short while to figure out how much area you can work at once. I reckon about 1 sq metre is about right. Kelly rolled in on and I tipped horizontally and then vertically to finish. You have to work quickly or brush gets draggy. Took about 1 hour for whole boat. Hopefully I will be able to sand the bulk of the boat tonight and fill any minor imperfections. Tomorrow hopefully will get two coats of No. 3 Epoxy Primer undercoat.

Clean shed!!! Boat ready to paint

Bow come up nice.

Altex Paint system ready to go.

Kelly's own mask. Colour coordinated with her blue painting coveralls

Roll on....

Tip off....  Horizontally and then vertically.

Half done.

Laps make great stop areas.

Gunboat grey.

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