Saturday, August 28, 2010

Transom and bow work. After J Class racing...

Took a bit of time out to go J Class Racing at the Christchurch Model Yacht Club on Lake Victoria in Hagley Park. A fairly big fleet with some gun old time racers involved. It was opening day today. Patrick did well. Finally feels like spring downunder.
When we came home Patrick put a couple of decorative pieces on the transom while I screed on some filler on the bow section. More sanding and filling tomorrow.
J98 is ours

They go well over the duck weed and are a good One Design class in Christchurch. New sails for next week.

Bit of late night work

Gluing, screwing and making a mess... No worse than dad though.

Bit of fairing. Hopefully can get bow looking goood. May go for fairly pointy bow I think.

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